1. All Buyer need to Agree all the terms and conditions at Farming Via NFT Portal

2. All the NFT will Be minting maximum 15 Working days after get Prior notification from Farming Via NFT Vendors.

3. All NFT Investment will use Sharia Compliance, with Ijarah akad. a) Crops and Ponds we will use : “Al Ijarah Muntahia Bitamlesk” Customer Lease the Land and Got Profit Sharing from the Productivity of the Land b) Live Stock (Cattle , Goat , etc) we will use “Al Ijarah Thuma al Bai”Customer Hire And Purchase the Live stock for some time and profit sharing will be done on selling out.

4. All the Investment precentage on the Website just an illustrate to show. Real Profit sharing will be based on report from the Vendors

5. Farming Via NFT will not responsible any fraud happens on from the Farmer or Vendors, but Farming Via NFT will annualy check and audit the Vendors .

7. Any force major happens will be depends on the NFT Terms and Condition, if any Insurance Cover, 100% Investment will be sending back without any Profit Sharing. All the report and Proof will be upload at the Dashboard

8. Term and Condition will be update when needed and may change without any prior notice.

9. Tax from any Customer Profit from this Platform shall be under yurisdiction each Customer Country

10. All The Transaction in Farming Via NFT platform will charge based on the agreement by each Vendors. Based transaction Buying and Selling will be Charge minimum 3%.

11. All the Vendors in Farming Via NFT need to be Fit and Proper test before Approval.

12. Any further assistance for explanation, can be contact our representative at [email protected]

13. Farming Via NFT Based in Indonesia and all the Tax and Revenue get by Company will be treat using Indonesia Law